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Work Place Assistance is immediate support to help employees who are at risk of losing their job as a result of disability, injury or health condition. Is your employee struggling at work? Is their job at risk due to a disability or health issue? Would they like assistance to keep their job? If you answered yes, read on, they may be eligible for Federal Government assistance through The Job in Jeopardy Program, has no cost to you or your business.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Are they employed for more than 8 hours per week?
  • Do they have a health or medical condition placing their job at risk? This can include Physical injury, Illness, and/or Mental Health issues (including stress depression, and anxiety).
  • Are they an Australian resident?
  • Are they aged 14-65 years?
  • Do they live or work in our service coverage area of Gympie, Cooloola or the South Burnett

We have staff that can help your employee to keep their job and save you the expense and time of re-hiring and training a suitable replacement.

To engage our support for the Job in Jeopardy program, your employee can either register directly by coming to see us at one of our locations, or alternately, you can contact our office and we will have one of our staff give you assistance in how to refer your employee to this service.

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