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Employers who give jobs to people with a disability may be able to get financial help from the Australian Government with the Department of Social Services. 

This help is available through the Wage Subsidy Scheme. The Wage Subsidy Scheme offers a subsidy to employers who employ a job seeker with a disability, who is registered with a Disability Employment Service Provider. Certain requirements must be met by the employer for them to be eligible for the subsidy.

This information is available on the JobAccess website. The job must be for eight hours or more per week, for at least 13 weeks and have an expectation of continuing for more than 13 weeks (or six weeks in a seasonal industry). The job seeker must be employed under open employment conditions. That is, under a legal industrial agreement that complies with minimum standards established under Commonwealth, State or Territory law. It must also guarantee the job seeker a weekly award-based wage, for example, no commission based or subcontracting type arrangements.

Want to know more about what type of wage subsidies are available?  Please call our office to talk to one of our Employment Consultants about the great opportunities and incentives we can offer your business. 

Read the Wage Subsidy Scheme fact sheet